7 July 1995

Same target but radical rethink for loader range

A COMPLETE rethink is claimed to have gone into the development of Kramers 20 series four-wheel-steer/4WD loaders.

"The four-wheel-steer/4WD system is about the only part of the loader retained from the existing 12-series machines," said Ian Moverley of Kramer UK. "Cab, engine and transmissions are all different.

"Basic configuration remains the same – a centrally-mounted cab and rear engine. We are still targeting these new machines at our traditional customers – stock farmers who require a wheeled loader with good visibility and manoeuvrability."

The 20-series engine is housed in the same place but it has changed both in design and mounting angle. It is still either Deutz- or Perkins-sourced but the Deutz units are now air/oil-cooled rather than just air-cooled and both engines are fitted transversely to improve rear visibility.

Drive from the engine is through a four-speed hydrostatic transmission which incorporates an automatic downshift (ADS) facility. When the box senses increased torque demand, it automatically shifts down a gear until the load eases. It then shifts back up again.

In the cab the operator has three pedals: Two brake pedals which double as progressive inching pedals, and a foot throttle. This combination allows the operator to inch forward into the heap using his left foot while keeping his right foot on the throttle to maintain hydraulic power for maximum tear-out force.

A servo-assisted joystick controls all loader functions and can be positioned independently of the seat for maximum comfort.

The new 20-series machines specifications clash with Kramers traditional 12-series loaders. But Kramer said there were no immediate plans to drop its familiar torque convertor/mechanical-drive models. &#42

Kramer 20-series

ModelEngine hpPayloadPrice (£)

22041 D1.75t20,200

32055 D1.85t32,500

42059 D2.00t37,350

52070 P2.40t39,650

62079 P2.60t43,450

D – Deutz, P – Perkins

New cabs, engines and transmissions are fitted to Kramers 20-series wheeled loaders. Prices rise from £20,200 to £43,450 for the flagship 620.