5 May 1995

Score of tasty mackerel ideas

FOR me, fresh mackerel conjures up a picture of Devon holidays and fishing trips with the local fishermen. How delicious it tastes when youve caught the fish yourself!

Gail Duffs book* gives wonderful ideas for cooking this cheap, versatile and highly-nutritious fish. She suggests a wealth of marinades, spices and herbs to use in the preparation and cooking, and ideas for hot and cold dishes. The baked rolled mackerel with herb sauce is delicious as is the stir-fried mackerel with cucumber and tomatoes. Its a must for mackerel-lovers!

The book is one of a series of eight 20 Ways to Cook…titles. The others feature chicken, potato, soup, cod, apple, chocolate and minced beef. Each is a bright hardback and introduced with basic information on buying, preparing and storing the featured food. JM

*20 Ways to Cook Mackerel by Gail Duff, Thomas Harmsworth Publishing. (01308-868118) (£3.99).