12 May 1995

Scotland:Dave Carnegie.

I am for them – but with some reservations. Machinery rings should stick to what they were initially founded for, and what theyre best at – improving machine and labour utilisation on farms.

With increasing pressure on farm incomes, contractors are bound to have an important role to play. And they will become more and more specialised as technology moves on.

Yes. What used to be relatively simple repair work, is now getting more complicated. Thats mainly because of all the gadgetry you have to uncover to get at the bits which need mending.

Not keen. This firm follows the principle: "Dont buy it if you cant afford it". Well occasionally take up a manufacturers subsidised finance schemes, but as a rule we buy outright.

Only if it makes economic sense. We wouldnt pay 20p/litre for biodiesel to go in our tractors, if we could still get conventional mineral diesel for 12p/litre.

Not much. Its wrong in principle, but in some ways it has helped our business. For example, it has extended our lime spreading season.

Costing and gut feel. Its a question of deciding on what price the business needs to make a particular job worthwhile.

There has been a definite improvement. At one time, the image was that a contractor would carry on working in all conditions regardless of how much damage he did.

The weather.