15 December 1995


FARMING folk from Dumfries and Galloway have raised almost £50,000 from a charity auction held in Dumfries.

The idea came from farmer Tom Bell, Cormaddie, Dumfries, who enlisted the support of nine other farmers in the area to secure livestock, produce, and other gifts from the rural community.

Auctioneers Thomson, Roddick and Laurie offered their services and mart premises in Dumfries and the auction itself attracted a huge crowd of buyers.

A total of 280 sheep brought in £14,000, cattle had also been donated and a cast cow made £640, vouchers for silage additive made the days single top bid of £660, while more unusal items like a signed tyre from the racing car of local hero David Coulthard made £400.

"The money was being raised for another Macmillan cancer nurse for our area. It was a local effort for a local need. Farmers may get the reputation of being mean but this auction showed them in their true light. It was a magnificent response," said Mr Bell.