30 August 1996

Scottish Mule makes £112

RECORD prices for halfbred and Scottish Mule ewe lambs have been set in the past week.

At Castle Douglas last week more than £1m changed hands as 16,236 Mules averaged over £66. That was £16.15 or 32% up on the year. Top price was £112 and five lots topped the £100-mark.

Average prices were even higher at Thornhill last Friday, when 7340 Mule ewe lambs made to £90 and levelled at a record £72.41. This marked a £23.30 (47%) rise on last year.

And at Lockerbie the annual sale of halfbred ewe lambs saw a top of £95. With 3128 averaging £65.51, that represented a rise of £16.63 (34%) on 95. Mules, mean-while, averaged £60.32, a rise of £19.95, nearly 50% on the year.