19 April 1996

Sealant for those concrete joints

CONCRETE joints in silage pits, effluent tanks and slurry lagoons disintegrate over time. The contents nature makes this inevitable.

To counter the problem, Tecnishield has introduced a pourable sealant suitable for use in either new or existing joints.

The firm says the non-rigid Jointflex-3 sealant is capable of accommodating continuous stresses of expansion and contraction while still being resilient to traffic and abrasion.

Suitable for joint widths of 10 to 30mm (0.4-1.2in) and for short or continuous runs, Jointflex-3 is supplied in 5kg (11lb) or 20kg (44lb) composite packs. Typical cost is from £1.50 a linear metre run at 10mm x 10mm (£1.36/yard at 0.4in x 0.4in) (01282-619601).