16 June 1995

Second cuts bulking up

SECOND-CUT grass silage crops have bulked up well after recent rainfall across most of the country.

Second cuts could start next week in the east Midlands according to Staffs-based Genus senior consultant Ian Browne.

"First-cut yields were low, but grass samples taken before the rain indicate that the quality of early cuts will be high," he says. "Later cuts, after the rain, tested slightly lower in crude protein and sugars. But forage stocks should be back on target after second cuts are made."

Although forage maize is getting away to a slow start this summer due to the recent cold weather, it should catch up quickly provided the weather turns warmer soon," predicts the Maize Growers Association consultant agronomist, Simon Draper.

Where maize crops are looking a little under the weather, he advises a foliar spray of manganese to give the crop a quick boost.

Mr Draper also warns of weed spraying in cold stressed stands of young maize where spray is likely to further stress the crop.

"Its simply a question of balance between effective weed control, and increasing stress on the maize plants," he says.