24 May 1996

SED turns on the power at

If power is everything, then the Site Equipment Demonstration (SED) has it all – monster earth movers, diggers and cranes.

Andy Collings sorts out the agricultural connections

SED, the construction industrys annual opportunity to display its wears to potential customers, also has links with agriculture – not surprisingly.

Most big telescopic loader makers have a vested interest in both camps as, indeed, have several skid steer loader companies. But more than that, a few enterprising concerns have recognised the construction industry as a chance to diversify.

Typical perhaps is Chavtrac. Better known for its self-propelled spraying equipment, the company has now fitted a dump truck body to its 410 tractor unit, which is also used for slurry tankers and spraying equipment.

Designated, somewhat predictably, the Dumpa410, it has a payload of 9t to create a gross weight of 14t. Power is provided by a 112hp Perkins engine with the transmission comprising a four-speed powershift box with shuttle reverse. An eight-speed box is available as an option.

In standard build, the Dumpa410, which could find work with contractors and big landscapers, carries a list price of £39,995.

Also looking for a slice of the construction market was Richard Larrington Trailers, which sent along its new half-track tractor (Machinery, Apr 5) coupled to a tracked high-tip trailer. An interesting combination which clearly needs marginal conditions to reveal its full potential.

On the telescopic loader front Matbro used the SED event to launch the TS300 model – a 3t capacity machine aimed primarily at the construction industry but also providing, perhaps, some pointers for the design of future agricultural machines.

First item to note is that the engine is now mounted to the side of the machine, rather than at the back, a position adopted by, among others, Caterpillar for its telescopic loaders and one which improves operator visibility and creates better stability through the use of a lower boom mounting point.

But unlike Caterpillar, which uses a mechanical transmission, Matbro has opted for a hydro-mechanical system. An engine-driven pump powers a hydrostatic motor which then provides a mechanical drive to the axles. A 24mph road speed is claimed.

The TS300 is available with three different boom sizes – 9m (29ft 6in), 11m (36ft) and 13m (42ft 8in) – using two- and three-stage telescopic booms. With maximum lift capacity possible to full height on all three booms, maximum forward reach with 1t on board is 5m (16ft 5in), 7.2m (23ft 7in) and 9.2m (30ft 2in), respectively.

Price of the 9m model is listed at £37,825. &#42

Richard Larrington Trailers looks to find a niche in the construction industry with its range of tracked machinery.

Big and beefy. The Matbro TS300 telescopic loader could have some attractions in certain agricultural situations.

Chavtracs 9t capacity Dumpa410 gets its first airing at the SED.