3 May 1996

Seed package launch

By Robert Harris

A SEED treatment said to offer good disease control and growth stimulating properties for all winter and spring cereals has been launched by Uniroyal Chemical.

Anchor contains two tried and tested ingredients. Carboxin has been a cereal seed dressing for nearly 30 years, and its partner, thiram, has been used for nearly as long in other crops. This is its first registration for cereals.

Carboxins systemic action and thirams protectant activity give good all-round disease protection, says technical manager Andrew Jones (see box). Neither are used in later foliar-applied programmes so the product suits anti-resistance strategies, he adds.

Carboxin is also a growth stimulant – Uniroyal has recently patented it as such. It promotes root, coleoptile and shoot vigour, says development manager David Jackson.

"It gives better emergence, more vigorous crops and better yields, particularly in low input and sub-optimal growing conditions like dry soils, deeper sowings, wet, cold soils or poor seed-beds," he explains.

Thiram boosts this activity, he maintains. In 150 trials in eastern Europe, where the product has over 40% market share, yield increases of 9-10% are common, he claims. No UK data is available yet as trials only started last autumn.

The effect is unlikely to be seen in high input, high management systems, says Mr Jones. "But in extreme situations we hope to see some yield benefits."

The company hopes for a 40% market share with Anchor, which will cost £40/t on farm.

&#8226 Contains carboxin + thiram.

&#8226 Approved for all cereals.

&#8226 Controls fusarium (including mbc-resistant type).

&#8226 Controls bunt in wheat.

&#8226 Partially controls barley leaf stripe (>95%) and loose smut (>96%).

&#8226 Active on septoria seedling blight and net blotch.

&#8226 Stimulates growth.

&#8226 Costs £40/t.

&#8226 First product resulting from Uniroyals £5m plus spend on new thiram registration package.

Growth stimulation offered by new seed treatment Anchor speeds emergence and enhances vigour, useful for late-drilled cereals.