16 June 1995

Seeing whats up in the north

HAVING enjoyed the FWC visit to Gloucester Docks and then spent some time sorting out the summer magazine, it was time to head north to see what the members at that end of the country were up to.

The Boston club had invited the Notts members over for lunch and under the leadership of Marilyn and Peggy Rylott a wonderful effort had been made to make this day a success.

Brothertoft Village Hall looked splendid with the tables laid with white and blue cloths and fresh flower arrangements. The food table was fit for any banquet and as we stood and chatted waiting for the visitors the aroma made us feel really hungry.

What a diverse lot of interests FWC members have. I learned of one member who travels the countryside attending the football matches of her favourite team and another who teaches yoga.

Eventually the visitors arrived through the wind and rain, everyone mixed well and the comment that it sounded like a battery house full of hens made us all laugh. I tasted stuffed chine for the first time in my life – what a great flavour the parsley and ham make. I was told how to cook it by Jean Rylott.

I do hope the members enjoyed this get together as much as I did. A lot of hard work goes into the organisation of these joint meetings but I am sure everyone attending would say it was worthwhile.

Next day found me wending my way to Hampshire. I was off to Exbury Gardens to see the rhododendrons and azaleas and meet the Taunton FWC there and it was pouring with rain when I arrived.

The sun came out as they drove into the coach park and the rain stayed away for the rest of the day although the wind was very cold. The colours of the flowering shrubs were amazing, so many different varieties set out in the gardens nestling in the New Forest near the Beaulieu River.

Mary Lowe-Willetts, contact leader and I talked our way around the outstanding acres, bumping into other members occasionally. Time just flew by but we did have time to go in to the plant shop and buy some azaleas. I just wish I had more time to knock my garden into shape.

Jean Howells