6 September 1996

Self-levelling is an option for 1997-season Deutz-Fahr TopLiner combines marketed in the UK by Watveare.The Balance system costs £10,000.

THIS years harvest has presented a chance for Watveare to demonstrate the new Deutz-Fahr self-levelling TopLiner models.

First seen at the Highland Show (Machinery, June 28), the new "Balance" combines have been working in various parts of the country.

Hydraulic rams on the front axle, activated by sensors, raise or lower each side of the combine to keep the machine level on slopes, the header remaining parallel to the ground.

The maker claims cross slopes of up to 17.5% can be compensated for, with the header itself able to angle for slopes of up to 20%.

For longitudinal slopes – working up or down a hill – the hydraulic rams work in unison to raise or lower the front end. The combine is designed to maintain a level posture on gradients of up to 6%. In the event of both lateral and longitudinal slopes being encountered at the same time, lateral compensation takes preference. If design parameters are exceeded the operator receives a warning signal.

All of which is designed to increase the performance of the combines separation system, with forward speeds, when working on slopes, being maintained without excessive loss of grain.

The Deutz-Fahr Balance system is available on the firms 4060, 4065, 4075 and 4080 TopLiner models and adds another £10,000 to the price. &#42

Self-leveller balances out the bumps