9 June 1995


GOVERNMENT and health officials must recognise that OP chemicals are unsafe for some people to use, says Peter Beaumont of the Pesticides Trust.

He estimated that about 1% of the UKs 100,000 sheep farmers suffer adverse effects from OP sheep dips ranging from mild to chronic. ness.

LOW-LEVEL exposure to OP sheep dips can cause nerve damage, according to research by Dr Goran Jamal, consultant neurophysiologist at Glasgows Southern General Hospital.

He told the conference that early results from ongoing research found significant differences between farmers and control groups, suggesting abnormalities among farmers.

But Dr Jamal suggested the classic tests, used by neurologists, may underestimate the true extent of the damage.

THE first non-OP dip for sheep scab treatment and blowfly strike control has been approved by MAFF.

Youngs Animal Health confirmed that its pyrethroid dip, sold to farmers as Robust, now has a scab claim. The product will be recommended for use as a double dip, two weeks apart, to treat scab.