28 July 1995

Send back empties

RETURNABLE containers for Roundup products from Monsanto should be on sale this autumn, offering growers an easy alternative to container disposal.

After four years field trials the firm is awaiting final approval from the Pesticides Safety Directorate.

The 10-litre packs, based on conventional Agflow containers with a special PCP one-way valve, represent a low-cost approach for a lower value product, notes marketing manager, John Davies.

Unlike other returnables, Mon-santos approach allows product to be poured into the induction hopper or sprayer tank but does not use a sealed system. "The cost was too great. A 10-litre pack of Roundup retailing at about £90 cant bear the same cost as more expensive products worth hundreds of £ a pack," he says.

With 2.5-3 uses each year, the containers will last the approved five-year period. And the one-way valve avoids contaminants leaking into the dedicated container, avoiding rinsing before refilling. Conventional packaging will remain available, too. &#42