9 June 1995

Show ponies

at their best

JENNY MORGANs guide* to showing is as nicely presented as her award winning ponies.

As well as explaining the breed standards and what the judge looks for when assessing each of Britains nine breeds of native pony, she gives a potted history of each of them, information about its society and the activities it runs, and ends with notes on how to turn ponies out.

For example: "The Dartmoor," she writes, "is never clipped or trimmed. The exceptions to this are that full clipping is allowed for Olympia, also Dartmoor ponies that hunt are usually trace clipped. The Dartmoor is shown in a plain bridle, although a brass browband is permitted. Young stock are shown in a leather slip, and brood mares are shown in a lightweight in-hand bridle. Two-year-old colts must be bitted," she concludes.

This practical book begins with advice on choosing your pony and follows it with chapters on bringing it on and preparing it – and yourself -for showing. AR

*Showing Native Ponies by Jenny Morgan, published by The Kenilworth Press (£14.95).