25 August 1995

Show your SOS support

THE Welsh Mule sheep breeders association is determined to stamp out scab and fully supports farmers weeklys SOS campaign.

The association will sell over 60,000 ewes and lambs in the coming weeks at five sales in Wales. It is insisting that all sheep must be dipped with a scab-approved dip within 21 days of the sale.

Vendors will have to present a declaration that their sheep have been dipped or the animals will be rejected from the sales. And the association warns it may introduce random wool sampling as a further check. Our "Stamp out Scab" campaign calls on MAFF to reintroduce sheep scab as a notifiable disease. It also supports the recommendations of the Farm Animal Welfare Council to introduce compulsory treatment and movement restrictions to control the disease.

The campaign has attracted huge support from all sectors of the sheep industry. This is the last week for you to back our efforts. Please return this coupon to let MAFF know that the farming industry wants immediate action on scab. &#42