28 July 1995

Shredder, spreader and feeder out of clamped silage…

MID-RANGE models have been added to the WestMac line-up of dual purpose straw bedding/silage feeding machines.

All models in the line-up are capable of feeding out precision-chop clamped silage, as well as shredding and spreading baled straw up to a distance of 18m (60ft). The exception is the entry-level P2000S, which is a straw-only machine.

Chain and slat floor

The new models are the 2cu m (70cu ft) P2000SC and 4cu m (140cu ft) P4000. Both use a chain and slat floor to feed material into a two-speed turbine – low speed for silage and high speed for straw – and out through a high level, adjustable spout. The turbine is pto-driven but all other functions are hydraulically controlled.

Where the bigger model differs is that it is trailed as opposed to linkage-mounted and it is also fitted with a pre-turbine shredder. This allows the P4000 to handle wetter, denser silage. WestMac is testing the machines ability to handle both pre-chopped round bale and medium square bale silage as well as the clamped material.

Dual-purpose models

"The dual purpose models are mainly targeted at beef and sheep farmers looking for one machine for both bedding straw and feeding out silage," says WestMacs Martin Holden.

"Although the smaller machines may appeal to some dairy farmers, many of these producers have gone down the more specialist complete diet feeding route."

WestMac bedder/feeder data

ModelExternal widthMounted/Bed/BalesPrice


P2000S1.95m (6ft 5in)MBRound or£7595

medium square

P2000SC1.95m (6ft 5in)MB/FRound or£7850

medium square

P30001.95m (6ft 5in)TB/FRound or£9925

medium square

P40001.95m (6ft 5in)TB/FRound or£11,995

big square

P80002.45m (8ft)TB/FRound or£15,495

big square

WestMacs P4000 bedder/feeder is capable of feeding out clamped silage, as well as shredding and spreading baled straw.Price is £11,995