5 May 1995

Silage potential & best additive use

ESTIMATING a silage crops potential yield ensures cost-effective use of silage additives.

Hillsboroughs Dr Tim Keady has developed a calculation based on mower width.

"Measure the width of the mower (m) and then cut a swarth on each diagonal across the field," he says. "Weigh three sections from each diagonal . These sections should be between 2.7m (9ft) and 3m (10ft) long. "Add up the total length of the measured area and multiply by the width of the mower. Then divide the area within a hectare (10,000sq m) by A to give B. Multiply B by the weight of the herbage collected. This figure is the crops potential yield in kg/ha."

Dividing by 1000 gives t/ha and 2.471 gives t/acre."