8 December 1995

Silver medallists line up for RASEs top award scheme

By Andrew Faulkner

A SELF-LOCKING headgate for a cattle crush and a range of German-built tractors with front suspension are included in the silver medal line-up announced by the Royal Agricultural Society of England under its Machinery Award Scheme.

Also on the podium are the Protimeter Grainmaster moisture meter, Harvest Installations Maxi Stirrer grain conditioner and Vredesteins Flotation+tyre.

The Unistock Cattle Headgate is a self-locking yoke designed to accommodate all ages of cattle – from calves to mature bulls. Spring-loaded neck bars prevent choking should the animal go down while being held.

A hydro-pneumatic front suspension system wins the Fendt 500/800 tractors a silver medal. With power outputs from 95-230hp, these two ranges comprise a total of nine models. All are fitted with semi-powershift, shuttle gearboxes providing 44 forward and 44 reverse gear ratios.

Bucks-based Protimeter picks up an award for its Grainmaster 900 series moisture meter, which RASE judges acknowledged as being particularly user friendly. The meter uses the resistance method of measurement and provides automatic temperature correction.

Grain samples are ground and pressed into a cell, the appropriate calibration is selected from 10 crop standards and sample moisture content appears in the meters display.

In-store mixer

Users of Harvest Installations Maxi Stirrer report good conditioning results in a range of crops. The in-store mixer comprises a pair of augers suspended from a beam-mounted carriage which spans the width of a bulk grain store. The beam runs up and down the store on a fixed track while the two vertical mixing augers move across the grain, reaching down to within 50mm (2in) of the floor.

Judges took account of the need to minimise soil compaction when awarding a silver medal to Vredesteins Flotation+tyre. Depending on tyre size, section width ranges from 418-720mm (16.7-29in) and load carrying capacity is from 3-5t. &#42

This 230hp 824 Fendt tractor is the flagship model in the firms award-winning 500/800 series. All models are fitted with semi-powershift boxes.