30 June 1995



By Shelley Wright

SIMMENTAL cattle breeders, celebrating the silver jubilee of the breed in Britain, collected both individual and team interbreed awards at Ingliston.

The supreme beef animal was the five-year-old cow, Tillylair Angela, from Robert Crawford, Aberdeenshire.

Judge John Jeffrey, Kelso, said Angela was an outstanding cow which had impressed him from the start of judging. He gave the team award to the Simmentals because they were better balanced as a group than the Charolais quartet which stood reserve. Individual reserve went to the Beef Shorthorn bull, Tofts Romany, from James Biggar, Castle Douglas.

Dairy winners

In the dairy lines, the best individual was the six-year Holstein Friesian Adamdale Starbuck Mag from John Loftus, Preese House, Preston, with the Jersey champion from Robert Graham, Stirling taking reserve.

Ayrshires took the team title with Holstein Friesians reserve.

The best sheep at the show was the two-shear Suffolk ram, Stockton Ace, from John Sinnett, Stockton Court, Worcs. Ace has now collected interbreed titles at the Royal, Royal Welsh, and Royal Highland shows.

Reserve was the best South Country Cheviot, a two-crop ewe from Tim Elliot, Hindhope, Jedburgh.

royal highland show

BEEF cattle

Interbreed R Crawfords Simmental cow Tillylair Angela; res, J Biggars Shorthorn bull Tofts Romany.

Aberdeen-Angus A B McQuaters bull Wiwa Creek North Star; res, J Robert Galloways bull Mushroom Friar Fergus.

Beef Shorthorn James Biggars bull Tofts Romany; res, William

McGowans heifer Fingask Lancaster Gail.

Belgian Blue D M S M Hazels bull Hazelwood Jupiter; res, Michele Gardners heifer Ridgedean Kosher.

Belted Galloway Mr and Mrs J McTurks heifer May Wafer; res, J

Jeffords bull Broadmeadows Wipa.

Blonde dAquitaine Mr and Mrs R J Groats cow Bastide; res, Mr and Mrs J Buchanans heifer Hayton Isadora.

British Simmental R G Crawfords cow Tillylair Angela; res, Robert Lunness cow Brinkton Melody 3.

Charolais Gelston Castle Farms cow Kelton Celeste; res, P M and S M Dongers cow Seawell Generosity.

Commercial Elaine Raesides Limousin cross bullock, Terminator; res, A McGregors Limousin cross heifer Classie Baby.

Galloway M and J Ross and sons cow Sunset of Romesbeoch; res, M and J Ross and sons cow Marianne 40th of Romesbeoch.

Hereford JW and R Johnsons bull Chapelton 1 Heritage; res, S Christie and sons cow Seaconpoll 1 Dominator Gal.

Highland S K Browns cow Beitidh 4th of Glenquoich; res, E C and D F Ormistons cow Ambrosine Alex of Strathmashie.

Limousin Broadmeadows Pedigree Livestocks heifer Broadmeadows Idylle; res, R G Oates bull Woodhouse Iron

Lincoln Red HM Needlers bull Walmer Titus; res, JI McC and AM Salvesens bull Hemingby Herod.

Salers Fishlock and Gilders bull Fuji Yama; res, W A Brooks bull Penymynydd Harry.

dairy cattle

Interbreed J Loftuss Holstein Friesian cow-in-milk Adamdale Starbuck Mag; res, R Grahams Jersey cow in milk Isla Countess Barbara.

Ayrshire IC Gilmour and sons cow-in-milk Humeston lady Maud 42; res, A and A Kirkpatricks cow Barr Sandy Rose 2.

British Holstein/Holstein Friesian John Loftuss cow-in-milk Adamdale Starbuck Mag; res, J O Hodges cow-in-milk Whitbourne Counselor Ghost.

Jersey Robert Grahams cow-in-milk Isla Countess Barbara; res, Robert Grahams cow-in-milk Isla Kings Ransome.


Interbreed W &#42 Sinnett and Sonss Suffolk ram Stockton Ace; res, A T Elliots Cheviot ewe.

Berrichon du Cher Cockbain and Sons ewe; res, Cockbain and Sons ram.

Blackface Andrew Woodburn and Sons shearling ewe; res Ian Thomsons shearling ewe.

Bleu du Maine F McGowans shealing ewe; res, GB Shanks ram.

Bluefaced Leicester D Halls shearling tup; res, Robin Bells ewe lamb.

Border Leicester John P Forsyths gimmer; res, Stewart of Kininmonths ewe.

British Vendeen Marion Andersons ewe; res, C and J McQuatties ewe.

Charollais J and I Kinnairds ewe; res, I M Innes ram lamb.

Cheviot A T Elliots ewe; res, A T Elliots tup.

Commercial sheep J L Youngs Suffolk cross ewe; res, A B McQuatars Rouge de lOuest x Beltex ewe.

Half-bred &#42 P Sleigh and Sons shearling ewe; res, William Barnetson and Sons ewe lamb.

Jacob P A and M Rudds ewe; res, E and S Dodsworths shearling tup.

North Country Cheviot W and J Thomsons tup; res, N MacDonalds ewe.

Oxford Down Ms L Allans ewe lamb; res, Ms L Allans shearling tup.

Prime Lambs (pen of 3): R and G Colegraves Texels; res, R and J Osbornes texel crosses.

Rouge de lOuest J McIlwraith and Sons ram lamb; res, David Alexanders ewe lamb.

Ryeland Richard Wears ram; res, Mrs S J Brydens shearling ram.

Scotch Mule William Sandersons gimmer; res, James Logans ewe.

Shetland Mrs Rena Douglas ewe; res, Mr and Mrs T A Findlays ram.

Suffolk W &#42 Sinnett and Sons ram; res, S G Mair and sons ewe lamb.

Texel Robert Hopes ewe; res, Douganhill Farms ewe lamb.

Wensleydale Mrs Ruth Pedleys gimmer; res, BR Fields gimmer.