11 June 1999

Jerseys cream of Staffs crop

in-milk Rantonall Gwynne 7.

Holstein TH Cope and EJ Buxtons heifer-in-milk Frandon Stardust Jody; res, Drointon Farms cow in-milk Dingleburn Jed Enid.

Jersey RW and CM Baileys cow in-milk Abbotsley BT Suzanne; res, RW and CM Baileys cow in-milk Abbotsley Aims Melissa.

Dairy Shorthorns J and D Winningtons cow in-milk Rantonall Gwynne 7; res, GA Madeleys cow in-milk Rodway Princess Annie 22.

Aberdeen-Angus MJ and J Leadbetters heifer Eartha of Mansty; res, Mr and Mrs WA Germans bull Exton of Winwick.

Highland Mrs DO Wains bull Lee of Wainsmore; res, Mrs DO Wains cow Kirsty Boidheach of Glengorm.


Interbreed Ms L Lindops Wensleydale ewe Hazlitt Mary; res, Mrs M Tullochs Charollais ewe.

Suffolk R Fords ram lamb; res, VE and B M Samuels shearling ewe.

Texel RW and G Hudsons shearling ram; res, R W and G Hudsons shearling ewe.

Charollais Mrs M Tullochs ewe; res, RS and JA Gregorys ram.

Shropshire Mrs M Farquhars shearling ram; res, Mrs M Webbs shearling ewe.

Beltex N Dobsons shearling ram; res, G and J Belchers ewe lamb.

Ryeland Miss EJ Pinches shearling ram; Mrs JM Glynns shearling ewe.

Jacob SV Taylors ewe; res, Mrs RE Blacknells ram.

Portland Mrs P Robarts ram; res, Madders and Johnsons ewe lamb.

Southdown Mrs L Rowlands shearling ram; res, JFC and BD Taylors shearling ram.

Rare breeds Ms L Lindops Wensleydale ewe Hazlitt Mary; res, Mrs GM Wards Kerry Hill ram Hill Barn Barny.


Interbreed P M Fowlies Large White boar Braemore King David 76; res, Mrs C Vaughans Welsh gilt Vinery Lioness 4017.

Pig of the Year Mrs C Vaughans Welsh gilt Vinery Lioness 4017; Mrs C Vaughans Welsh boar Vinery Ivor 4014

White breeds PM Fowlies Large White boar Braemor King David 76; res, Mrs C Vaughans Welsh gilt Vinery Lioness 4017.

Coloured breeds Mrs M Renshaws Gloucester Old Spot gilt Tennyson Star 240; res, B and M Mulkeens British Saddleback boar Garsfield Stockbroker


Angora Nagano Ltds buck Chrido Kriss; res, Swinfen Angoras buck Swinfen Tay. &#42

Single point earns West Country win for island breed

By John Burns

ONLY one point separated the interbreed dairy champion, a pure island-bred Jersey, from the reserve champion, a Dairy Shorthorn, at the Royal Bath and West of England Show.

The Jersey, Barnowl Fillpailers Fiona from the Barnowl Jerseys herd in Northants, was out of a cow they imported for a neighbour and by the island-bred bull Zebre Design Fillpailer which has sired many of its champions.

The beef interbreed championship went to Mrs EM Stitch of Somerset. Her Limousin first-calver, Crowhill Moyenne shown with her calf at foot, was bought for 10,000 gns at last years Red Lady sale at Carlisle.

Interbreed sheep champion was a Charollais shearling ram from Worcs-based DF Daffurn and Mrs J Curtis, with the Suffolk champion, a shearling ram from DT and RM Williams, reserve.

A Duroc boar Seaborough Sueske from Seaborough Pigs, Somerset, took the supreme honour in the pig classes.



Interbreed Mrs EM Stitchs Limousin Crowhill Moyenne with calf at foot; res, Whistley Herds Blonde dAquitaine heifer Whistley Nebula.

Devon Mrs ED Ropers cow Forde Abbey Beauty 3rd, with calf at foot; res, J Gilsons bull Challang Brigadier.

South Devon WHD Scotts heifer Grove Sorrell 20; res, DL Mayhews bull Froyle Mill Homer 2.

Hereford Mr and Mrs D Trotts bull Costhorpe 1 Magnum; res, AJ and SJ Daviss cow Butcombe 1 Lilac with calf at foot.

Aberdeen Angus Glympton Farms heifer Glympton Miss Barbara; res, CJ Hutchings cow Hurdcott Ever.

Charolais Mortimer Farms cow Mortimers Image; res, Mrs R Wyllies bull Brailes Oaktree.

Simmental RH Widdicombes bull Blackford Hawk; res, RV Louds cow Taurus Jade 7.

Limousin Mrs EM Stitchs cow Crowhill Moyenne with calf at foot; res, N R and L Hills bull Laverock Nimrod.

Blonde dAquitaine Whistley Herds heifer Whistley Nebula; res, Hackleton Farms bull Hackleton Mellors.


Interbreed Barnowl Jerseys junior cow Barnowl Fillpailers Fiona; res, GH Osbornes Dairy Shorthorn cow Cotley Anne 35th.

Production/Inspection CD Mays Holstein cow Cedcott Kitty 42nd; res, RH and EN Targetts Holstein cow Castledon Bell Linda .

Dairy Shorthorn GH Osbornes heifer Cotley Anne 35th; res GH Osbornes heifer Cotley Anne 40th.

Jersey Barnowl Jerseys junior cow Barnowl Fillpailers Fiona; res, International Jersey Breeders cow Hillswater Sweet Primrose.

Guernsey Sir Howard Guinnesss cow White Ladies Design 31st; res, Lt Col and Mrs HC Watsons cow Slindon Posie 134th.

Holstein RH and EN Targetts cow Summercourt Jan Midnight Trotwood; res, RJ Sercombe Farms cow Flechedor Chair Val Lila.

Dexter Mrs JA Knights cow Beechwood Perrywinkle; res, Miss Claire Rawlings heifer Elmgrove Acacia.


Interbreed DF Daffurn and Mrs J Curtiss Charollais shearling ram; res, DT and RM Williams Suffolk shearling ram.

Performance recorded ram lamb &#42 C Derryman; res, R Hole.

National Spring Lamb (5 carcasses) WA and AJ Windsors Texel-crosses; res, AG Selways Charollais x Beltex.

Black Welsh Mountain R Wises pair of shearling ewes; res, MJ Mccaulls ram.

Bleu du Maine AJ and WJ Reeds shearling ram; res, Mrs J Richardsons ram.

Charollais DF Daffurn and Mrs J Curtiss shearling ram; res, DF Daffurn and Mrs J Curtiss shearling ewe.

Clun Forest SR Harriss ram; res, GL Smiths shearling ewe.

Devon Closewool Mrs L Kent-Smiths shearling ram; res, M R Scotts shearling ewe.

Devon and Cornwall Longwool RE and D Snells ram; res, RE and D Snells shearling ewe.

Dorset Down WD Burroughs shearling ram; res, EB Holloways pair of ewe lambs.

Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset R Holes ram lamb; res, A Dufosees shearling ewe.

Exmoor Horn Mrs SM Halls ram; res, Mrs PD Lyles ewe.

Greyface Dartmoor C Mortimores ram; res, C Mortimores ewe.

Hampshire Down CJ Westlakes shearling ewe; res, HC Derrymans shearling ram.

Jacob M Bundys shearling ewe; res, FF Higgins ram.

Kerry Hill R and R Powells shearling ram; res, R and R Powells shearling ewe.

Lincoln Longwool Miss L Smiths ram; res, R Nelbergs ewe.

Lleyn PJ and Mrs MM Hendys ewe; res, Mrs SE Peters shearling ewe.

Oxford Down GC Watson and Mrs CJ Grains ewe; res, GC Watson and Mrs CJ Grains ewe lamb.

Ryeland G and A Bishops ram; res, RP Wears ewe.

Scotch Blackface J Jordans yearling ewe; res, PH Corneliuss ram.

Suffolk DT and RM Williams shearling ram; res, DCW Hampsons shearling ram.

Texel CS Pontings shearling ram; res, DI Corfields ram lamb.

Wensleydale Longwool Mrs Miles yearling ewe; res, Miss S Blakey and M Leechs yearling ewe.

Wiltshire Horn J Walliss ram; res, JL Findons shearling ewe.


Interbreed Seaborough Pigs Duroc boar Seaborough Sueske; res, P and M Reeders Welsh boar Lopham James 6th.

Pig of the Year Seaborough Pigs Duroc boar Seaborough Sueske; res, Seaborough Large White gilt Seaborough Blackberry.

Berkshire SL Barnfields boar Gillhouse Orlando 4; res, C Bulls gilt Highlands Louise 24th.

British Lop IAD and MA Todds sow Smallicombe Pride 13th; res, IAD and MA Todds boar Smallicombe General 8th.

British Saddleback P Darvills sow Toller Dinah; res, Miss JA Hodgsons boar Wyville Walter 119th.

Duroc Seaborough Pigs boar Seaborough Sueske; res, Seaborough Pigs gilt Seaborough Hover.

Gloucestershire Old Spots D Overtons gilt Exfold Princess 66th; res, Oak Brae Residential Homes boar Blaisdon Patrick 7th.

Large White Seaborough Pigs boar Seaborough Field Marshall; res, J Collings gilt Liskeard Beautiful 13.

Landrace J Collings gilt Liskeard Skyliner 16th; res, AP and PC Roses boar Buckland Riber.

Welsh P and M Reeders boar Lopham James 6th; res, P and M Reeders gilt Lopham Dainty Girl 51st.

Large Black P and M Reeders gilt Lopham Fashion 34th; res, PG Snells boar Breckles Defender 2nd.

Middle White D and D Hobbs sow Dappleheath Dorothy 14; res, Mrs MV Cards boar Westham Captain.

Tamworth NLG Hunkins sow Sedgefen Maple 45th; res, Boyton Farms gilt Berkswell Maple 45th. &#42