26 September 1997

Single row in German style

UPDATES to existing harvesters and the introduction of a new single row harvester were revealed by Kverneland at last weeks potato harvesting event.

Replacing the UN2100 model is now the UN5300 single row harvester. Developed primarily for the German market says Kverneland, the UN5300 features offset lifting and offers a choice of bunker capacities of 3t and 4t.

Depending on specification, cleaning and separation extends to sieving webs, flight conveyor and haulm web. Alternative cleaning units such as cleaning rollers, brush-type cleaning unit and stone separation system can be specified.

Four people can work on the machines 1m (3ft) wide picking table.

The firms two-row UN2200 and UN2600 harvesters both benefit from improvements for the 1997 season. The UN2200 has been modified to include a larger main elevator, the inclusion of axial cleaning rollers ahead of the main elevator and the option of a three man picking table.

The larger UN2600 gets the option of a hydrostatic powered axle kit and a flight conveyor on top of the main web – the latter claimed to prevent potatoes from rolling back down the web when working on hillsides.

Single-row innovation from Kverneland with the UN5300.