21 July 1995


sire Bellwood

By Sue Rider

HIGHEST ranked sire on the latest US type and production (TPI) listings is Americas top protein producer, the Melwood son Maizefield Bellwood.

He has a UK PTA95 conversion at 69% reliability of 1475kg milk, 39kg (-0.17%) fat, 37kg (-0.09%) protein, and £130 PIN.

The July proofs published in the AI industry "bible", the Holstein Association Sire Summary (red book) see Mascot knocked into second place. But despite the addition of over 3000 second crop daughters his TPI increases by 59 points and he has added 6lb to his protein PTA.


His UK conversion at 84% reliability shows 1133kg milk, 28kg (-0.21%) fat, 34kg (-0.01%) protein, and £122 PIN. His predicted transmitting ability for type (PTAT) is 1.54.

The third highest ranked sire ranked on TPI available in the UK is also the highest ranked Blackstar son in the list. Ked Juror has a PTAT of 2.44 and a UK PTA95 at 72% reliability of 1129kg milk, 28kg (-0.20%) fat, 26kg (-0.11%) protein, and £89 PIN. Next is Cleitus son Glen-Toctin Slocum who improves on his January TPI figure and boasts £97 PIN.

Blackstar son Robthom Integrity comes in at number 10 with a PTAT of 2.88 and £80 PIN.

Second highest milk bull in the USA is Vista-View Cleitus Bert whose UK conversion at 71% reliability is 1411kg milk, 27kg (-0.34%) fat, 31kg (-0.14%) protein and £98 PIN.

Like Mascot, Mar-Bil Command Geoffry has a high PIN value of £122, adding 31kg of milk, 1kg of fat and 2kg of protein to his production proof. Pontiac son Hunters UK conversion shows 1211kg milk, 30kg (-0.21%) fat, 30kg (-0.08%) protein, and £105 PIN. Blackstar son Wa-Del Mystique, a newcomer in January, drops out of the top 100 TPI list.

Newcomers include Cyprus Hill Laban sons Rickland Laban Projector and Langs-Twin-Elm Dandy, the Blackstar sons Duncan Black Romeo (calving ease), BS Ingot (£108 PIN) and Beachlawn Blackstar Bunker, Southwind sons Londondale Southwind Merv, and Ber Mardi Gras (number 20 on PTAT).

Highest type bull in the top 100 is a Mark son out of a Tesk, Iv-Ann Mark Tesk. The new Bell Promise son Lexy-Lane Promise Lance boasts a positive protein percent. His conversion at 67% reliability shows 870kg milk, 35kg (+0.05%) fat, 29kg (+0.02%) protein, and £111 PIN.

Promising outcross

Cited as a promising outcross is the Wardin Bell Gene son out of a Conductor Jason cow, Oakenbound Turner who boasts £111 PIN, and calving ease.

On the top TPI list for low reliability bulls, the Melwood son Zeilland Zebo takes top spot with a TPI of 1520 with £118 PIN at 59% reliability.