15 December 1995

Sire reference for B Speckleface

THE Beulah Speckleface breeder group, with the support of the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, has started a sire referencing scheme.

Selwyn Williams, from the University of Wales, claims this decision follows national sheep breeding developments focusing on leanness and similar schemes set up recently by Cheviot and Scottish Blackface sheep breeders.

"Beulahs are used as one of the foundation breeds for the production of Welsh Mules," he says. "Any genetic improvement in the Beulah breed would, through the Welsh Mule population, influence national production levels."

A self-financed improvement scheme has been run by the group of 10 breeders for 16 years.

This mainly focused on increasing lambing percentages, but recently more emphasis has been placed on lamb performance and conformation.