3 July 1998

Skim and whey as calf digestion aid

FEEDING calves milk containing enzymes will aid digestion, ensuring more energy is available for growth and reducing risk of scour, says marketing agent Genus.

Universal Whey for feeding by machine or bucket, and Skim, available in two forms for feeding by machine or bucket, will help ensure the health status and growth potential of calves are maximised from the start, says the company.

Although enzymes occur naturally in the calf, production can be slow, it says. By including the enzymes in calf milk, there will be sufficient to digest food regardless of natural production levels.

In trials, calves with enzymes in their diet achieves a liveweight gain of 0.78kg a day, compared with those without enzymes, which gained 0.7kg a day, an additional 3.6kg on calves starting at 50.9kg and reared to six weeks old.

Universal Whey costs £970/t, Skim £1250/t (0800 146171, fax 01270 536601).