8 March 1996

Skittles in Hampshire & Northants at last…

PROOF that my job is not all beer and skittles, not so much as a half pint of shandy passed my lips at the Cart and Horses, Kingsworthy, where the Hants FWC had their January meeting. But the skittles were great fun and our team won.

This meeting was also a planning one and in next to no time a programme for 1996 was arranged with a suggestion that a visit to Dublin could be arranged for 1997 – watch this space.

During the past 18 months I have been thwarted each time I have tried to visit the Northants group but it was third time lucky and on a dreary winters day I joined the group for lunch.

Contact leader Rita White introduced me to many of the members, who so obviously enjoy the monthly get togethers as well as taking advantage of FWC weekends.

Jean Howells