21 July 1995

Sledge for bales

A BIG-BALE sledge which can be tailor-made to accommodate bales from different balers, comes from William Cook Engineers.

The first version to be built is able to accumulate six bales produced by a Hesston 4600, providing the bales are no longer than 1.8m (6ft). Bales with a greater length limits the sledges capacity to three.

Automatic in operation, the first two bales arrive at the middle of the sledge before being pushed by a bar over to the left handside. The next two are pushed to the right and the last two bales fill the gap in the middle.

Pushed off ground

Once full a bar pushes all six off on the ground – the speed of this bar adjustable so a tight formation can be maintained.

Price of the Cooks Big Bale Accumulator has yet to be finalised.

Cooks big bale accumulator shows its paces with the Hesston 4600.