22 August 2001
Slow, stop-start harvest

“HARVEST is very slow indeed and very stop start,” says Mike Cumming, farm manager at Lour Farms, Ladenford near Forfar. Fifty millimetres of torrential rain at the weekend stopped the oilseed rape harvest untill Tuesday (21 August).

Yields on oilseed rape below average. “I will be disappointed if they do not make 1.6t/acre (4t/ha). Pronto and Fortress look very promising, and I will definitely use them again,”

It has been hard to estimate yields as moisture has been between 15-30%.

“Spring barley needs the conditions so we can make a start by the end of the week.” He thinks spring barley and oilseed rape has been a week behind due to the weather. “I cannot believe we still have low pressures sitting on Scotland like last summer.”

Winter barley has yielded slightly below average. 6-row Muscat yielded 7.4t/ha (3t/acre) and 2-row Pastoral yielded 6.4t/ha (2.6t/acre). “Im a little disappointed.”

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