2 February 1996

Slurry flusher air blast makes operation safer

A PORTABLE jetting machine, designed for cleaning out the collection chambers underneath slatted-floor livestock buildings, made its European debut at Agromek.

Powered by a 7.5hp electric motor, the Topsy channel flusher incorporates a 1000-litre/min (220gal/min) pump which sucks in and blasts out slurry over a 10m (33ft) diameter working circle.

The pump is mounted under the machines wheeled chassis, which sits astride a removed section of flooring.

What sets the Topsy apart is that it also has an air blast system to divert any noxious gases produced by slurry movement away from the operator, making his working environment healthier.

A fan sucks air down through the floor channels, over the slurry, up into the fan unit, and away from the machine through plastic ducting.

Topsy recommends using the flusher unit at least every time the under-floor chambers are emptied. Price is about £1500.

Cleaning out under-floor slurry chambers and breathing fresh air. Sound incompatible? Not according to Topsy which makes this ducted slurry jetter.