2 February 1996

Small drill cheaper with more to offer

STANDARD specification has been "upped" on a small seeds drill, designed for the vegetable grower with a limited planting area.

The Stanhay Robin 870 now comes with standard, height-adjustable landwheels – previously only available as an option. Adding this adjustment means landwheels can be lowered to run up to 33cm (13in) below the planting surface, enabling growers to work on raised as well as flat seed-beds. Retained from the old 870 are the seedbelt metering unit, for handling all types of small seed, and a choice of multi-line coulter: Either 50mm (2in), 75mm (3in) or 100mm (4in) wide.

Despite the higher spec, new model prices have been dropped by an average 4%. A four-row Robin 870 now costs £2888.

Spec is up and price down on Stanhays latest Robin 870 vegetable drill.