22 December 1995

Small is beautiful with two-row spud harvester

WITH an eye on the small to medium potato grower, both in the UK and in the expanding markets of eastern Europe, Richard Pearson has launched a new two-row potato harvester.

The Maverick, says company marketing director Phillip Bosworth, is, we believe, shorter, lighter and lower than anything else on the market.

"We have designed a competitively priced, easy to maintain machine which we hope will find favour with farmers growing around 80ha (200 acres) of potatoes," he says.

Limited basis

Available commercially on a limited basis in time for the 1996 maincrop, the Maverick weighs in at about 4.5t – 2t less than the companys other 1700 series harvesters and is 2.5m shorter than existing machines offering a similar capacity. Power requirement is said to be as low as 60hp.

Front end of the machine is based on Pearsons Enterprise machine, but the innovation is the single web design coupled with the new Galaxy star separator.

Potatoes travel up the shortened, low-angle web, pass through a single haulm roller at the end of the web, with the remainder of the green matter, clods and stone being taken out by the four sets of star and roller combinations which make up the Galaxy.

"The fact that there is only one web, one drop and no aggressive contra-rotating rollers which can damage skins – particularly in dry conditions – means that the whole cleaning process is much gentler," says Mr Bosworth.

The Maverick, which is expected to carry a £45,000 price tag, can be supplied with an optional cross conveyor to convert the machine into a windrower.

Short and low – the new Pearson Maverick potato harvester is aimed at small to medium-scale farmers growing up to 80ha (200 acres).