10 November 1995


I TIPPED a new "fruity" oil into my bath water the other night and it filled the steamy air with the perfume of tangerines, writes Tessa Gates.

It was a smell that transported me back to my childhood and to a warm bed rather than a warm bath as it brought back all the excitement of Christmas morning.

Long before daylight my younger sister and I would be delving into our stockings, searching out the bright new coins wrapped in gold mesh that Father Christmas always included; the tub of bubble-stuff and the tiny dolls bedded on cottonwool in half-walnut shells that we believed were fairy-babies.

In the heel of the stocking there would be an apple, nuts filled the gaps between the trinkets and in the toe we were sure to find a tangerine with lovely loose skin, so easy for little fingers to peel. We always "tested" it and when morning finally came we knew it was really Christmas by the smell of the tangerine peel hidden beneath our pillows.

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