15 November 1996

Smooth change – at the touch of a button

TRACTOR shuttling at the touch of a button is the latest development for tractors in the Same Silver and Lamborghini Premium ranges.

Designated Directronic, the system claims to offer smooth directional changes, irrespective of engine rpm and at speeds of up to 6.2mph.

Located between the engine flywheel and the gearbox, the Directronic unit comprises two oil immersed, multi-plate clutch packs. One pack controls forward travel – the input shaft turns the same way as the engine – and the other is linked to an epicyclic gear unit to change the direction of the input shafts rotation to create reverse travel.

The systems control is through the use of a micropressor which regulates the operation of solenoid control valves in respect of information delivered from sensors on the engine, transmission and drive wheels.

The solenoid valves then sequence oil flow to and from the clutch packs to provide a smooth, progressive change of direction.

For the operator, directional change is instigated merely by pressing a rocker switch on a steering column stalk – models equipped with armrest touchpad controls (Agroshift or Multipad) will have Directronic controls included in the bank of buttons at this site.

To prevent unintentional use, the operator has to first press a "neutral" button in the centre of the rocker switch. Safety is also ensured through the use of an LED display panel which indicates whether forward, neutral or reverse has been selected.

Same and Lamborghini models equipped with Directronic are due to be available early next year. &#42

Same Lamborghini joystick incorporates shuttling buttons for slick direction changes.