6 December 1996

Softer angles for Rumanian tractor

THE importer of Universal tractors hopes to lift sales by giving the angular-styling of the Rumanian-built machines a more modern look and introducing more powerful models.

Tractor Panels, the Warwicks company that specialises in glassfibre replacement bodywork for tractors, has come up with the new look which follows the current trend towards more rounded lines.

"The finished design will have removable side panels for access to engine ancillaries and a pull-off front grille to reveal the air cleaner and battery," says Richard Chester of Universal Tractors, Pool-in-Wharfedale, North Yorks. "The new design will change the face of the whole range."

The tractors, based on former Fiat designs, provide no-nonsense specifications and low prices. A creeper gearbox is standard on most models.

Having concentrated on the sub-100hp market, Universal is now moving into bigger tractor territory with the 100hp six-cylinder engined Euro Series 1033DT. This tractor, priced £21,750, has a 16 x 4 speed synchromesh gearbox and 3.5t lift rear linkage. The cab with generous full depth door and windscreen glass, is roomy but functional in terms of trim and controls

A 125hp model is planned.

"Its an ideal tractor for someone who does not want to pay for fancy features they are not going to use," says Mr Chester. Future plans include a 16 x 16 speed transmission to improve the tractors versatility and a turbo model developing 125hp.

New styling gives the Rumanian Universal a more modern look; the new six-cylinder model (behind) takes the range up to 100hp.