20 September 1996

Solution reduces livestock lameness

TREAT foot-rot in cattle and sheep and get them walking normally as quickly as possible with the Lameless foot-bath solution, claims developer Net-Tex.

Lameless is designed to kill bugs that cause foot-rot and lameness, give long term protection, enhance healthy foot growth and prevent the spread of foot-rot.

It reduces the need for continuous foot-bathing and only needs to be used about twice a year with routine foot maintenance, adds Net-Tex. In trials of over 1500 livestock, 92% showed reduced lameness from a single bathing.

The product is said to combine anti-infective agents, a zinc preparation, dye and a wetting agent to clean the hooves and help the active agent into the infection.

A 5kg tub to make up 50 litres of footbath costs £16.43 (01474-813999).