5 April 1996

Space rule implications

MINIMUM space requirements for pig buildings could necessitate changes to management practices and construction of extra housing.

Speaking at the conference, ADAS business consultant David Moorhouse said space allowance regulations would be enforced for all housing from Jan 1, 1998.

"There are many practical implications for producers to consider when applying these standards, which cover total area, not just the lying area," said Mr Moorhouse. No allowance has been made for poorly insulated accommodation where winter stocking levels are raised to maintain temperatures.

"This would not be undertaken in mitigation and producers may need to consider improvements to insulation and/or installation of a heat source," he said. "Weight limits specified for each band may not coincide with individual farm practices."

For example, farms splitting pens at 35kg to 40kg may have to do this earlier at 30kg. This could mean constructing more accommodation. The wide weight bands could also lead to under-use of space. &#42

Making more space can improve health, speed growth rates and and boost feed conversion efficiency.