31 May 1996


Cost of Labour

A financial appraisal of the costs involved with running a workforce which includes pensions, training and the benefits of good staff as well as a cost analysis.

Focus on Beet

A look at early season beet agronomy with varieties and management advice from Morley Research Centre, SBREC, British Sugar and NIAB.

Fibres Centre

Fibre production from agricultural and non-food crops comes under the spotlight.

Alternative Crops

High erucic acid rape, linseed and gold of pleasure are just a few of the alternative crops for industry and energy uses on show. The MAFF Alternative Crops Unit looks at those which can already be grown and those which may offer possibilities for the future.

Harvest Centre

Machinery, equipment and tips from the experts. The centre explores advances in technology and offers practical advice on setting and maintaining combines for efficient operation.

Eastern Europe

A threat or opportunity? East meets West as eastern European markets and their likely impact on UK producers come under the spotlight – with wheat varieties growing to back up the story.

Host Farm on Show

Under the theme "growing crops, performance and people", Aubourn Farming show their total crop management approach to farming 8094ha (20,000 acres) and operating an agronomy and business advice service for 16,188ha (40,000 acres). The focus is on unit cost of production for wheat, barley, linseed, peas and sugar beet.

The "Wheat Race" sees five accountancy firms – with client help – competing to grow the most profitable wheat crop.

Varieties for the Marketplace

The focus is on managing for quality. The Institute of Brewing set out the range of options available in malting barley production with approved and up-and-coming varieties, both winter and spring.

NABIM takes a look at the milling market, shows the varieties on offer and offers advice on storage and transport to maintain premiums.

Farmer Groups

Local farmers use their agronomy and budgeting skills to produce a wheat crop which meets market requirements and makes a profit.

Farm Business Management Centre

&#8226 Clay, loam and brash soils – how have these RASE model farms fared financially after five years under the reformed CAP? Target figures are there for you to compare with your business.

&#8226 Integrated Crop Management – a look at its economic viability.

&#8226 Set-aside – update on the latest changes.

&#8226 "Capping" – a look at the effects of restricted payments on clay, brash and loam farms.

&#8226 UK farming history – a view of the changing agricultural business over seven decades.

Experts from Andersons, the farm business consultants, are on hand to offer advice.


Financial services, consultants, business advice and the latest computer developments from the leaders in their field.

"The root of the matter"

A "hole in the ground" demonstration shows how soil profile, physical characteristics and drainage affect root growth in wheat.

Machinery Showcases

The most comprehensive annual exhibition of arable equipment to take you from stubble to stubble.

Machinery for –

&#8226 Cultivation

&#8226 Establishment

&#8226 Crop protection

&#8226 Fertilising

&#8226 Harvest