8 August 1997


ASK your cows what they think of their nutrition this summer by using a blood test from the Dalgety/Oldacres Dairy Herd Health and Productivity Service. farmers weekly and DHHPS have teamed up to offer Dairy Update readers a special price for two tests – the Summer Calver and Dry Cow Check. Both are usually only available to Dalgety/Oldacres customers.

What are the benefits?

A blood test demonstrates the dairy cows energy balance and her status of other nutrients such as protein, minerals and trace elements.

The Summer Calver and Dry Cow Checks can help identify nutrient deficiencies before its too late to prevent economic loss.

Under-nutrition and energy deficiency, for example, can lead to reduced milk proteins.

Using information in the DHHP database blood test results from carefully selected groups of cows can be interpreted to identify potential risks and provide information on the best options for management/nutritional changes.

How much will it cost?

farmer weekly readers can save up to 10% on the full price of the service. Summer Calver Check will cost £185 plus VAT (for a maximum of 17 cows sampled) and Dry Cow Check will cost £110 plus VAT (for a maximum of 12 cows sampled). Vet charges for sampling will be met by the farmer.

When should tests be taken?

Timing is important, as is the selection of cows to be tested. The Summer Calver Check should be carried out as soon as the first five to six cows in a batch are calved 10-20 days.

Dry Cow Checks should be done about one week before calving starts and should include a group of five to six cows within the last week of pregnancy and a group with about a month to go before calving.

Whats the next step?

Simply fill in your name and address on the coupon attached, stating your chosen herd check, and send it with a cheque made payable to Dalgety Agriculture Ltd to: farmers weekly/DHHPS Offer, FREEPOST, 180 Aztec West, Almondsbury, Bristol BS12 4BR.

The Dalgety/Oldacres Dairy Herd Health and Productivity Service will then contact you in around 10 days to discuss selection of cows and test timing.

Sampling cows well before the serving period gives Richard Thornton time to correct any nutritional deficiencies.




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nSummer Calver Check (£185 + VAT = £217.37)

nDry Cow Check (£110 + VAT = £129.25)

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NB: This offer is subject to availability and closes on Sept 30, 1997.