17 November 2000


Diversification appears to be the name of the game these days. For the reality is that traditional farming enterprises in many parts of the UK are fast disappearing as the core business.

And just as farming changes so must the role of the contractor. In this issue of Contractor Update we take a look at alternative contractor businesses – coppicing and mobile potato washing, to name but two.

Being able to offer that specialist service is now becoming increasingly important – more so than the traditional spraying, lime spreading, muck spreading niche operations of the past. We also take a peep into the contractors office and see how efficiency in this department is as important as efficiency in the field, if a business is to run smoothly. Jotting figures on odd bits of paper is not the way to do it, we are told.

It all adds up for a need to run a business as a business should be run and for the enterprising contractor having the

ability to identify that

niche opportunity.