28 July 1995

Speed Tilla tackles its first work outing

THE Speed Tilla cultivator, which was launched by Dowdeswell at the Royal Show earlier this month, has made its working debut at a demonstration in Warwickshire, writes James de Havilland.

Fitted with a rear hitch as standard, the multi-element levelling board/tine/roller cultivator is seen by the Rugby-based firm as a logical alternative to the power harrow/drill combination. It can also be operated as a stand-alone unit.

Tim Dowdeswell explains: "Combination cultivators are not new but many existing designs are more suited to lighter land.

"The Speed Tilla is an alternative that we believe will appeal to a wider range of users, including those with difficult, heavy land."

Two working widths, a 3m (10ft) and 6m (20ft), are currently offered with a choice of cambridge roll or crumble roll at the front of the unit. This modular design allows the use of the same basic cultivator on all land types. In its cambridge-roll-at-the-front format, the Speed Tilla weighs 3t and 6t, respectively, and is designed to work heavy to medium land. With the crumbler roll option, weight drops to about 2.4t and 4.75t.

On the 6m (20ft) model, the folding outer wing sections are raised and lowered by a single double-acting ram. The latter incorporates a nitrogen accumulator in its hydraulic circuit acting as an adjustable damper.

Maintains ground contact

This ensures the outer sections remain in contact with the ground at all times, the accumulator pressure being adjustable to suit conditions. Users opting for a 3m (10ft) model can retro-fit the outer sections to raise working width to 6m.

The Speed Tilla is designed to be operated at speeds of 6-7mph, giving a potential work rate of 4ha/hour (10 acres/hour) with the 6m unit. &#42

Speed Tilla data


6m (20ft) hydraulic fold (front rings)6t£14,750

6m (20ft) hydraulic fold (front crumbler)4.75t£14,150

3m (10ft) rigid (front rings)3t£8,575

3m (10ft) rigid (front crumbler)2.4t£8,275

This Speed Tilla combination cultivator is Dowdeswells first move into the highly competitive, multi-element/non-powered cultivator market.