9 February 1996

Spray control program

AUTO control of most air-sleeve sprayer adjustments are possible with a prototype spray controller.

Key to the Kyndestoft controller is a series of sensors which measure wind speed, chemical drift, boom height and air temperature.

Positioned at various points along the sprayers air-sleeve boom, the sensors transmit information to an in-cab computer which adjusts the sprayers settings within pre-programmed parameters to reduce chemical drift. Adjustments include fan speed, air-sleeve angle, boom height and spray pressure.

According to Kyndestofts Per Rothmann, the system is designed to ensure the sprayer is operating at 100% efficiency – 100% of the time.

"However good the operator, there will be times when he allows his concentration to slip. This system makes life easier for him and means the sprayer is always performing at its optimum."

The controller, which is compatible with Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment, will be tested under working conditions this year. Modifications are likely to include repositioning of the system sensors to make them less susceptible to damage. &#42