5 April 1996

Spring sprays may splatter

CHOOSE your sprayer nozzles with care this spring, warns Cyanamid. So-called anti-drift types could jeopardise grass weed control, it claims.

Such nozzles produce too many coarse droplets, which tend to bounce off leaves and are wasted, says the companys Roger Allen.

The fine sprays and relatively high pressures recommended for many contact weed-killers create turbulence within crops. This helps drops to reach both sides of leaves from all angles without bouncing off, adds Mr Allen.

&#8226 Nozzle maker Lurmark sells Lo-Drift and Turbo Drop nozzles for reducing drift. Spokesman Ben Caunt acknowledges there is a risk of poorer coverage with the coarse droplets produced by the former conventional type.

"But this is where the Turbo Drop comes in," he says. Its drops are "coarse" when they leave the tip. But being air-filled they break up on impact to disperse and stick rather than bounce off, he explains.