8 September 1995

Sprint clearance up

UNDERBELLY clearance of 1.5m (60in) is now an option for the self-propelled Sprint sprayer manufactured by Lincoln-based L W Househam.

Aimed at those involved in the production of crops such as sunflowers, oilseed rape, beans and soft fruit, the machine owes its high clearance to the use of hydraulic wheel hub motors, which require little more than pressure hoses for their transmission drive.

For track width adjustment, the high clearance Sprint is able to hydraulically change axle extensions from 60in to 72in or 68in to 80in to suit crop requirements.

High clearance adds another £1000 on to the list price; hydraulic track adjustment adds another £3000. &#42

Riding high with LW Househams latest version of the Sprint self-propelled sprayer. Ground clearance is an impressive 1.5m (60in).