19 May 1995

Spuds rain check

"RAIN stopped play" was the lament in parts of the country this week as new crop potato liftings slowed.

By Wednesday (May 17) just 100ha (247 acres) had been cleared, yielding 11t/ha (28t/acre). This was still ahead of last year, which got off to a particularly soggy start.

Prices held up well this week at about £750 to £760/t for Cornish and Pembroke new potatoes, and £1000/t for the very limited supplies from Kent. The average so far this season is £744/t, giving a gross output of £8484/ha (£3433/acre), compared with £8024/ha (£3247/acre) this time last year.

Old crop values slipped a bit, to give a British ex-farm average of £289/t last week.