19 July 2002

Stainless steel in spreaders spec

GENEROUS use of stainless steel to stave off corrosion is considered to be the main selling point of Teagles new S60 fertiliser spreader.

Replacing the TD50, the Top-line S60 relies on stainless steel for its hopper and metering/spreading mechanism.

The 1300 litre hopper can be increased to 1900 litre or 2500 litre using stainless extensions, while spread widths can be varied from 12m to 24m by changing gear ratios in the main gearbox.

Twin spreading rotors are designed to spread from the outside inwards to give sufficient overlap.

A radial feed system for the rotor vanes minimises spread pattern variations and, as a consequence, striping on hillside work, says Teagle.

For headland spreading, the S60 employs a hydraulically operated tilt mechanism to produce a short spread pattern on the machines boundary side.

Further physical features include a hydraulic remote shutter and lights, together with hopper screens, a boundary spreading system and test tray kit.

Basic price for the Top-Line S60 is £3410. &#42

The S60 uses stainless steel for its hopper and metering/spreading mechanism.