3 May 1996

Stars and web stone removal

STAR and web-type stone removal continues to grow in popularity, with Kverneland the latest firm to offer such a pairing in its UN 4210 stone and clod separator.

The UN 4210, which replaces the all-web AL 3900, is a hydraulically-powered machine with five rows of stars feeding onto a single web.

Web angle is hydraulically adjustable – steep for cloddy conditions, flatter for a less aggressive action – but, more importantly, is adjustable independent from the main chassis. According to Kvernelands David Holmes, this is a big advantage.

"Because the web pivots in the centre of the machine and not at the front, the main chassis stays level when adjustments are made to web angle. So working depth is not affected."

The separators wheel track can be altered from 1500mm to 2000mm (60-80in) to suit a range of row spacings, and auto self-centring steering is incorporated.

Price of the UN 4210 is £31,750.

&#8226 Inside the main hall at the Potato event, Kverneland also exhibited its 2600 two-row harvester. This machine slots into the middle of the firms line-up as a 1650mm (66in) web model, but has no top conveyor unlike the flagship 2400 harvester.

Up front on the 2600 is a 1680mm (67in) lifting unit for operating in beds of up to 200cm (80in). This unit feeds the crop onto two separating webs and over a set of axial cleaning rollers before discharging up a 900mm (36in) wide elevator.

Price is £53,350.

four-man picking table for secondary cleaning behind the axial rollers.

Price of the 2600, which is available with windrowing and non-stop harvesting kits, starts from £53,350.

Kverneland UN 4210 stone and clod separator

&#8226 Share: Multi-piece.

&#8226 Separation: Five stars and web

&#8226 Webs: 36, 42 or 56mm – 12mm bars.

&#8226 Power requirement: 85hp+.

&#8226 Row widths: 1.5-2m (60-80in).

&#8226 Price: £31,750.

Kvernelands UN4210 stone and clod separator combines five rows of stars and one web.