22 November 1996

Steyr goes for Perkins

STEYR is adding a new model to its M900 Multi-Trac range, and is using a Perkins engine for the first time.

The 48hp M948 is the smallest of a three-model range and is the first European-built tractor to be powered by the Perkins 900-series three-cylinder engine; the other two models, at 68hp and 75hp, are powered by MWM three-cylinder turbo motors.

"The Perkins engine, with its low emissions, was considered the most suitable for this application," says Steyr export sales manager, Ernst Reiter.

Starts next year

Series production of the new model starts next year. It will comewith a 16 x 8 speed transmission and hydraulic linkage with maximum lift capacities of 2.07 or 2.68t.