17 November 1995

Straight version of yeast culture

ALLTECHs yeast culture Yea-Sacc is now available as a straight feed for inclusion in complete diet rations or for offering along the feed face.

The company claims the new Yea-Sacc Farm Pak formulation will provide dairy farmers with a more user-friendly route to improved proteins. Previously the feed supplement was available for inclusion in compound rations only.

Alltech says that when fed at a rate of 50g a head a day the product will increase availability of the essential amino acids needed for milk and meat production.

It cites milk production trials that show average protein yield improvements of 14% when the yeast culture is included in the ration.

The yeast culture helps increase milk protein levels by influencing the size and make-up of rumen bacteria, says the companys dairy nutrition specialist Jem Clay.

Recommended retail price is £35/25kg bag (01978-660198).