4 August 1995

Sunny Boys back in top 15

IMPROVED performance of Dutch sire Sunny Boy in the latest UK dairy evaluations puts him back in the top 15 bulls in the country ranked on PIN.

The ADC claims the bull has started to climb as completed lactations are included in his proof – despite 58% records in progress.

His UK production proof shows 675kg milk, 28kg (0.00%) fat, 23kg (+0.02%) protein, and £88 PIN.

The ADC also cites poor performance of imported Sunny Boy daughters against contemporaries as evidence that his proof will rise further once numbers of his home-bred daughters increase.

Imported daughters have produced 89kg milk, 3kg fat and 4kg protein less than their home-bred contemporaries. But UK-bred Sunny Boy daughters produced 897kg milk, 41kg fat and 25kg protein more than their contemporaries. Genus director Steve Amies: "We are confident that as the number of UK-bred daughters increases, and with Sunny Boys ability to produce flat lactation curves, his proof with continue to rise." &#42