1 September 1995

Super cake puts the icing on a great birthday bash

THE West Fife and Kinross club held its 15th birthday celebration dinner at the City Hotel, Dunfermline, and what a super night out we all had.

Contact leaders Jean Wylie and Barbara Stewart had between them produced a scrumptious and beautifully decorated cake to mark the occasion.

This club is going from strength to strength, enjoying a full and varied programme of activities.

The leadership is changing hands in October and Irene and Mary who are taking over seem as keen as the present incumbents to serve their club well. Scotland has four FWC groups – all thriving – and I was thrilled to enjoy an evening with the Berwickshire contact leaders, Judi and Liz, on my way up to Dunfermline.

It is so interesting to learn new words and my favourite from Scotland is "swithering" (weighing up the pros and cons), which is something I know a lot about in my job! As there are so many wide open spaces over the borders, I wondered whether there were any potential members around Perth and points further north who may be interested in starting up a group.

Frances Fleming of Peel Farm, Lintrathien, by Kirrie-muir, has kindly offered to host an inaugural meeting at her delightful coffee shop. Please get in touch with me at the office and we will arrange to get you all together.

Jean Howells