18 August 1995

Super-levy bill is put at £48m

By Shelley Wright

A SUPER-LEVY bill of £48.1m has been announced for UK milk producers who exceeded their quota in 1994/95.

Although the Intervention Board describes the figure as a provisional assessment, subject to adjustment, payment is due before Sept 1. The board has said interest will be charged on payments made after that date.

Wholesale producers exceeded quota by 152m litres, while direct sellers passed their threshold by 15.4m litres. The wholesale levy is set at 30.45p/litre and direct sales levy at 16.26p/litre.

But the UKs largest milk trader, Milk Marque, has said that position is totally unsatisfactory. Despite the figures released by the Intervention Board, Milk Marque has still not received any invoice despite there being only a fortnight left to pay the bill.

The Intervention Board said the payment date was set by regulation and could not be changed.

A spokeswoman added that although milk buyers had not received their invoices, due to a computer problem, all companies were informed earlier this month of their liability. She said the invoices would be sent out in the next few days.

In Ireland producers face a super-levy bill of £4.075m, reflecting over-production of 13.18m litres.